Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Behind the Scenes of the Alderbrook Manor Wedding of Etna, CA {Jamie Solorio Photography}

In the interest of trying to get back to blogging, like I used to with my OLD BLOG (which is full of tons of photography information by the way!), I thought I would do a quick post tonight.  Here is a little bit of footage of some of the behind the scenes at last weekends wedding in Etna, CA.  The venue was the GORGEOUS Alderbrook Manor.  Thank you Amy and Jen for capturing me during the day...just wait, the further I get into the editing...the more pictures!  I have a bunch of my dear friends Jen and Amy, so keep checking back! lol!
This shot was taken by the very talented Amy Jensen who happened to be my second shooter for the day!  We were testing the light in the room as I pretended to be putting on some earrings!  We do try to have fun as we work too! :)
Okay, Alderbrook Manor of Etna, CA...I have to apologize now for standing on this little window seat.  I am quite sure it was NOT designed for a photographer to use as a step stool!  However, I did get some amazing shots of my bride, Kayla doing so.  So, thank you and I am sorry all at the same time!
This shot is of one of the bridesmaids, Nicole watching her friend put on her dress.  The bride, Kayla had begun to tear up with the emotion of the day and you can see the affect on her friend.  It would of been a great shot for Kayla's album had I not been ducked down beside her! lol!  I actually might still sneak it in the album after all!  Notice the use of the reflector and the handy back up camera...never leave home with out BOTH!

Okay, more to come later this week!  Stay tuned!

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