About Me

The Girl Behind the Lens

Who am I?  I  am obsessed with natural light photography to start!  I can't even walk outside without thinking of how to compose that perfect shot,  how the light is hitting certain things or better yet people.  So, yes...I am that girl staring at complete strangers thinking about how I can capture that person sitting there, standing there, or running across the street in a Starbucks parking lot! The way I view the world has completely changed behind the lens.  It is amazing to see things in a different way now, I love it!  Hopefully, I will be still crazy about photography in 50 years!

I am deeply in love with my wonderful husband and my adorable little girls.  Truly, I feel that I am seriously blessed and am thankful for all that is in my life.  Really...you won't meet a person who is more happy with their life than me and I hope that I can bring that out in people around me, especially when I am taking their pictures! LOL! :)

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